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The Detour "The Drop" Review - AVClub

AVClub: For the first eight minutes or so of “The Drop,” The Detour tries something different. Sure, “trying something different” is pretty much The Detour’s mission statement, but in this particular instance, it comes in the form of changing up the central “family road trip” premise. After last week’s “The Road” blew up that situation—with Robin taking the kids away from Nate and his lies—“The Drop” immediately finds itself in a unique situation of having both parents on opposite sides of the narrative. Anywhere else, the obvious choice would be for The Detour to go with the “father goes and gets his family back” plot, but that’s not what this episode is at any point. We all know Nate is too consumed by his tunnel vision to actively go after his family first, as terrible as that is, and “The Drop” doesn’t even pretend for a second that’s not true.

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