The Mindy Project "The Greatest Date In The World" Review - AVClub

AVClub: From its earliest days, The Mindy Project grappled with the problem of having an “unlikable” main character, exploring the possibilities of grafting a whole show around a less-than-exemplary lead. Mindy Kaling, of course, had already seen this happen as a twentysomething in the writers’ room at The Office. Like Steve Carell (or Ricky Gervais, for that matter), Kaling also managed to create a character that we root for even when they say or do things that we may not agree with.

But Mindy Lahiri rarely gets called out for it, so it’s a positive turn when her actions actually have some repercussions this episode. It helps that her heart is in the right place, trying to save her favorite patient from being tied forever to a guy who clearly is not ready for settling down. Still, even by the mildest boundaries of professionalism, Mindy asking probing questions of her patient’s sperm donor is crossing a line.

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