Arrow "Schism" Review - AVClub

AVClub: I won’t rehash the critiques I already raised in my review of “Monument Point,” but I’m now more certain than ever that the nukes were a terrible idea. In fairness, they actually work really well if we strictly consider Damien Dahrk. As a catalyst for expanding his death-fueled magic and for creating genesis, they make plenty of sense. Revealing Damien Dahrk is prepared to burn the entire world not just out of vengeance for his wife’s death but as the ultimately twisted way of sparing his surviving daughter from life’s grim torments is its own special kind of demented brilliance. The trouble is that, perfect as the nukes might be for the show’s villain, they represent an impossible challenge for the show’s heroes. As the previous season finales have indicated, Oliver really only has three finishing moves. One, he can inspire the kind of hope necessary for people—be they just Team Arrow or the entire population of Star City—to fight and risk their lives alongside him. Two, he can dig into previously untapped reserves and just kind of fight harder than he ever has before, which generally means proving himself willing to cross some line his adversary assumes Oliver won’t be able to do.

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