Corey Feldman on Elijah Wood Hollywood Pedophilia Controversy: "I Would Love to Name Names"


In an in-depth interview with THR, the 'Goonies' and 'Lost Boys' star opens up about his late best friend Corey Haim's rape by a producer at age 11, the pre-teen parties where predators stalked and groomed their marks and the "dark side" of his close pal Michael Jackson: "The man is gone. Let him rest in peace."

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dauntingpixel727d ago

i know feldman is a bit of a kooky guy but he's been talking about this for a while. as the saying goes, where there's smoke there's fire. this is something that seems to keep coming back up.

link2Dpast727d ago

it'll sadly never stop why??? money makes the world go round, the media industry just like biggest businnes in the world "religion" never get whats coming to them, all these preist and people of power are sick man

dauntingpixel727d ago

do you think it's as prevalent and rampant as feldman/wood say it is?

2pacalypsenow727d ago (Edited 727d ago )

Its not the religion that's doing it its the humans. religion doesn't condone rape at least Christianity doesnt

OoglyBoogly727d ago

Sure it does. When Lot gives up his two daughters to the mob to save some angels (which why they need saving to begin with doesn't make a damn lick of sense...) that to me seems pretty evident. Also, there are a few times when God tells soldiers that they can take the virgins of towns and do with them as they wish, etc.

Yeah, the Bible doesn't really seem to have an issue with rape. God doesn't seem to care.

Herpofderpopol727d ago (Edited 727d ago )

Thats why we gotta kill all money. Plus I dont wanna get too wierd, but there was that one jewish chick on oprah that time, you know with the child sacrifice pedophilia stuff, and then all those times in history in many nations where jews were allegedly involved in that stuff, jewish hollywood and oh jeez its gettin illuminated in here.

ravinash726d ago

There are just sick people out there, and they will take advantage of any system they can into in order to get what they want. That's can be the Church, Hollywood or the BBC.

big_dom_returns727d ago

What if this were true. There's no reason to doubt him. The scumbags are everywhere, especially when it comes to positions of power, fame, and money. Imagine the stink it would kick up, especially seeing Hollywood just awarded an Oscar to a film all about peodophilia in the Catholic church. Oh, the hypocrisy would be something to behold if something came out.

dauntingpixel727d ago

I guess there's also that roman polanski thing right?

Porcelain_Chicken727d ago

And even Alfred Hitchcock. Look up what he did with Tippi Hedren. So many cases it's hard to say they are all bullshitting. The world can be a bad place, it isn't hard to believe that psychopath's would reach a place of power. After all, who better to reach a place of power than someone who is a master manipulator?

Hearing Corey's words about Hiam and his son breaks your heart. A sad world we live in.

SouthClaw727d ago (Edited 727d ago )

I imagine soon more will come forward and bring a tirade of claims and be the next big media storm.

MasterD919727d ago

Why not name names? It would destroy their career and oust them from the business. Hell, if anything we need someone with the balls to take these guys down head on. Look at Cosby for god sakes. They're right in front of our eyes.

OoglyBoogly727d ago

I agree. Especially from someone like Corey who is all but dead in the video industry anyways. Hell, it would probably help his career if anything!

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