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Warner Bros. Confirms Dead Robin in ‘Batman v Superman’ is Jason Todd

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Ever since we saw the suit of a dead Robin in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, fans have debated as to which Robin it actually was. Jason Todd was the obvious choice, and now it’s official! In a new video from Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood, tour guide John confirms that the dead Robin is in fact Jason Todd (1:33 mark):

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Porcelain_Chicken791d ago

Catastrophe averted! Now give us a Death in the family movie with Batfleck!!

Deadpoolio790d ago

Or the better idea WB actually make original Batman films instead of just lazily straight copying stories that have already been in the comics.....

Porcelain_Chicken788d ago

When have they done that exactly!?! There was Watchmen and that's it. And if you say Batman V Superman because he wore the Frank Miller batsuit then I'm just gonna have to facepalm... The irony that a man named "Deadpoolio" is speaking up against unoriginality and lazy copy and paste jobs. :l Because, you know, Deathstrokio.