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Charlize Theron Means Business In New Image For Fast 8

WGTC writes: Charlize Theron's Fast 8 villain has been revealed — and she means business.

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alycakes737d ago

We don't use Twitter as a source so you're okay on this one.

quenomamen737d ago

Maan I don't care if it's "FF8 Charlize films a gang bang" I not watching anymore of these 2 hours turds.

MagicBeanz737d ago

Don't lie, you'd watch it if it had that in it and so would I.

Aldous_Snow737d ago

Damn hot for her age. Great actress too. Overhyped trash of a franchise though. Probably end up in space for the next one lol

MagicBeanz737d ago

"For her age", shes only forty, is that old now?

MagicBeanz737d ago

Is she really this desperate for a role?

jamescort736d ago

Isn't that a photo from Mad Max?

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