Ron Perlman Campaigns To Play Cable In Deadpool 2

WGTC writes: Hellboy and Sons of Anarchy star Ron Perlman really fancies nabbing the role of mutant badass Cable in the Deadpool sequel.

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DillyDilly606d ago

Whats Stephen Lang up 2 these days ?

Porcelain_Chicken605d ago

The movie Don't Breath releases soon which makes him look like an absolute badass scary mofo. Then he has an untitled world war 2 movie, along with a movie called Justice, another one called Braven and then another one called Solar Eclpse: Depth of Darkness. Oh yeah I almost forgot he has 3 Avatar sequels in the works... So yeah. Stephen Lang would be a great choice. He was also my first choice for Deathstroke, ironically.

If I could name someone a bit left field, I would cast Joe Manganiello. The man is built like Cable. He's got the physique and voice down to a T. Give him some white hair and he's set.

hirobrotagonist606d ago (Edited 595d ago )

I like Ron Perlman, but he's not right for the role at all. Stephen Lang is without a doubt, a great choice. But maybe a bit too old. Actually Ray Stephenson is probably my favorite pick, he's a better age and build as well for cable.

Deadpoolio605d ago

Eww god no...You do fully realize that Stephen Lang looks like a stick with skin stretched over it and Cable is bulky and buff, something stickmen generally can't get....

MilkMan605d ago

No campaigning. Give it to him already!
They where made for one another. Ron has comedic timing, he can do action, drama and he looks the part. What are they waiting for?!

ZombieGamerMan605d ago

sure why not he was in Blade 2 so let's do it

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