The New Co-Chief of DC Superhero Movies Wants to Bring Back ‘Hope and Optimism’


Just 12 hours after word came down about a major managerial shakeup with Warner Bros.’ DC Comics-based superhero flicks, DC’s chief creative officer, Geoff Johns, strode into a sunlit conference room in a midtown Manhattan office building and greeted a small group of geeky journalists. Though he showed up late (and apologized profusely for it), his reputation preceded him: In the past two decades, he’s gone from comics fan to comics writer, then to being one of the leaders in DC’s very lucrative expansions into gaming, film, and television. He’s not yet a household name, but Johns has loomed large in entertainment’s superhero boom.

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-Foxtrot789d ago

Then start again. Seriously the tone and direction of these films is wrong and you can't fix them with sequels. Not to mention miscast roles and the like. Finish what they have going and take a break. Then come back with a new plan

UltraNova789d ago

I loved the darker/serious tone of Man of Steel and BvS. That said Luthor was definitely miscast. What went wrong was that they tried to cram a lot of trailers into one movie. BvS was not a film about Batman and Sups, it was a DC universe 2.5 hrs long teaser with the wrong title.