Captain America: Civil War – Ranking the Fights from Least Favorite to Favorite

Richard of list his favorite fight scenes from Captain America: Civil War in order from his least favorite to his absolute favorite; ranking them based on the action and emotional impact each fight delivered.

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aDDicteD758d ago

I liked the article, on how they have a grade on each fight and not just rank it cause every fight scene was really REALLy very well made. For me all of those are A+ specially the airport scene and the highway chase scene.

Arcee758d ago

It was really just grading each fight against each other rather than against other fight scenes from other movies. This film did such a great job with the fighting and action sequences that I believe it was a cut above everything else. As such, I was only able to grade the fights against those in the film because, like you, they would all be A+ when compared to everything else out there. But I am really glad you liked my article.