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14 Actors Who Could Replace Hugh Jackman As Wolverine


We hate to say it, but some day, Hugh Jackman has to hang up his claws and retire. Unlike Wolverine, the Marvel Comics character that the 47-year-old Australian actor famous, the latter continues to age, and despite packing muscle on top of, underneath, and in between muscle for each subsequent appearance in the X-Men franchise, there will come a day when he just can’t keep up with those superpowered X-kids anymore.

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Arcee790d ago

I would be curious to see Anson Mount as Wolverine in future films. And I would rather see Clive Standen play Wolverine over Travis Fimmel. (I actually don't mind seeing Wolverine portrayed as a taller character.)

alycakes790d ago

Anson Mount is an interesting choice. I might like that.

dota2champion790d ago

Jackman suggested Tom Hardy to be the next wolverine, let's go with that

UltraNova790d ago

One might think that Jackman knows a thing or two about playing Wolverine but today's 'preference' leans on pretty boys with lean body types(See Bieber and Twilight. God...) rather than manly tank build MEN like Jackman so I wont be surprised if they choose someone else other than Hardy, which is by far the best choice for Wolverine in my humble opinion(Ok maybe that Vikings star is a good choice too even though those bright blue eyes are not that Wolverine-ish...).

s45gr32790d ago

It may take me a while to get used to seeing someone else as wolverine. Hugh Jackman is a badass. Hopefully, this doesn't end up like Spider-Man which to this day no actor has come close to Toby McGuire.

blackblades790d ago

Yeah, be weird and feel right without him being wolverine. Same can go for the other marvel actors. Would of been nice to see him with the avengers but of course the a wholes that has the rights are screwing xmen and f4 up. Do the right thing like sony did.

Stringerbell790d ago

Hardy would be a good choice but he is 38. Jackman was 32 in the first X Men film and that younger age has paid off. This is the same problem we have had in past Spiderman films - what is supposed to be young teenager ends up looking like a guy on the wrong side of 30 come the second / third film. So in actuality by the time the proposed next installment of Wolverine is on screen Hardy could be pushing 40 if not there. Two or three films in he is close to 50, it wont work if you want another long term Wolverine.

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