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AVClub: Like its title character throughout most of this episode, “Invincible” is brimming with a confidence that has been missing too often this season. Right from its opening minute, which plays like a live-action version of a crazy splash page from a Silver Age comic book, the hour never lets up even as it finds time for banter and heart-to-heart talks among all the regular players. The only question is, what took so long? Why cram the entire “metapocalypse” into the penultimate episode of the season? At times “Invincible” felt like a recap of a multi-episode arc about Central City under siege from a horde of Earth-2 villains, offering tantalizing glimpses of a major event that could have been a lot of fun if played out at length. Maybe that’s too much to ask of a CW budget, however impressive The Flash often is within those constraints. As it is, the result is easily the most satisfying of the Zoom-centric episodes this year, even if the ending leaves a sour aftertaste.

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Arcee732d ago

Oh man, this was a great episode. And that ending... Oh man, that just broke my heart, But seeing Wally's reaction to the reveal was pretty bloody awesome.

WelkinCole732d ago

Yeah excellent episode. I miss though Wally's reaction. What was it?.