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FGE - The fourth episode of Game of Thrones’ sixth season, “Book of The Stranger” isn’t a showstopper. There are a couple of marquee moments, but we aren’t treated to the exhilarating thrills that some of the busier episodes this season have delivered. However, in the absence of blockbuster action, well-developed scenes help to reveal the evolving motivations and feelings of individual characters. This episode furthers a trend established in the previous episode: a slower pace, a narrower focus, and more attention paid to individual stories. “Book of the Stranger” deals with fewer storylines than any episode of this season thus far, and the result is that we get to spend more quality time with the characters we do see, which is always nice.

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Stringerbell732d ago

It was a pretty powerful scene when Sansa was reunited with Jon.

aDDicteD730d ago

The episode was good, looking forward on the greyjoy's storyline next episode