10 Actors Who Could Play J. Jonah Jameson In Spider-Man: Homecoming

WGTC writes: As it seems JK Simmons won't reprise his role, here are ten other actors who could play J. Jonah Jameson in the upcoming Spider-Man Homecoming.

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-Foxtrot516d ago

Bryan Cranston should do it. DC already missed out on two perfect roles for him in Lex Luthor and Commissioner Gordon so Marvel should scoop him up

mafiahajeri515d ago

Nah im thinkin, Bruce Campbell. I mean he's got the hair down...


Defectiv3_Detectiv3516d ago

I like the idea of Michael Keaton, James Woods or Hugh Laurie, but I also think somebody like Ian McShane could nail this character. For the love of god please no Craig T. Nelson.

Freethinkingjz516d ago

Brian Cranston and James Wood are excellent choices. Ron Perlman and Hugh Laurie would be excellent choices for villains though. Just imagine, Dr. House on the goblin glider and Ron Perlman with 8 metal arms. Just saying. Lol

Agent_00_Revan516d ago

That's a shame. He was the best cast of the original trilogy.