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Last Days In The Desert Review - AVClub

AVClub: Yeshua (Ewan McGregor) heads out into the desert to fast and pray. The camera follows him as he trudges around, making a few pauses wherein he pleads for his father (or Father) to contact him. Eventually, he meets an isolated family whose mother (Ayelet Zurer) is dying and whose son (Tye Sheridan) wants to leave the desert for Jerusalem. The father (Ciarán Hinds) wants him to recommit to desert life after the mother has passed. That is more or less the full story of Rodrigo García’s Last Days In The Desert, which is inspired by the biblical passages mentioning Jesus Christ’s 40 days of prayer, during which he faces three temptations from Satan. García’s movie does not attempt to spin this material into its own legend or adapt some underappreciated corner of the Bible. Instead, it takes an opportunity to imagine Jesus as a person whose 40 days in the desert pass like actual, not symbolic, time.

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