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AVClub: Remember when John Travolta and Nicolas Cage packing heat in a genre movie was a major event? Back in the summer of 1997, the two actors—one a newly minted Oscar winner, the other still enjoying a Tarantino-abetted career revival—lent their sizable star power to one of the nuttiest, most psychologically thrilling action movies Hollywood has ever engineered. Face/Off didn’t just base its whole marketing campaign around these heavyweights, well, facing off. (The poster was literally just their faces with their last names in big, bold letters above them.) It also promised, and delivered, a kind of high-concept hook based on their stature as marquee performers: You wouldn’t just be getting Cage vs. Travolta, you’d be getting Cage playing Travolta and vice versa. It was a popcorn shoot-’em-up built around the acting chops of its headliners. How novel.

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