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Grace And Frankie "The Loophole" Review - AVClub

AVClub: In “The Loophole,” Frankie looks for a magical loophole that will get her out of her contract with Brianna, after a last-ditch effort to get her to drop the palm oil that doesn’t involve theatrics or blood but does involve a rather large poncho/Christmas tree skirt. In her quest to find a loophole, Frankie pulls Sol and Robert into the drama, making it truly a family affair, with Bud playing earnest mediator between the impassioned parties at play. Grace And Frankie’s plots that manage to tie together several of the main players always have a lot more steam to them than the stories just centered on two characters (with the general exception that anything involving just Grace and Frankie is bound to be fantastic). “The Loophole” does just that and does so with a lot of heart and humor, although some of the emotional beats get rushed a bit.

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