Penny Dreadful "Good And Evil Braided Be" Review - AVClub

AVClub: In keeping with the two previous episodes this season, “Good And Evil Braided Be” acts as a sort of anthology episode collecting the discrete adventures of each of the main characters. As the hour progresses, however, there are indications that these individual storylines may be pieces of the same puzzle after all. The episode is heavy with foreshadowing of a looming, world-ending (or at least world-altering) event, the nature of which only a few of the characters appear to comprehend. The exception, for most of the episode anyway, is John Clare: while the others are looking forward and planning for a dark future, Clare is gazing back into his past as he slowly recovers memory of it. We might think he has no connection at all to a larger plot until, for the second week in a row, an episode ends on the revelation of a character’s secret connection to Vanessa. More on that later.

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