Grace And Frankie "The Bender" Review - AVClub

AVClub: “The Bender” is the first episode of Grace And Frankie that’s wholly hard to watch. All season, the writers have been laying the groundwork for Grace’s spiral, and that buildup has been extremely effective, especially in retrospect. It was back during “The Road Trip” that I first noted that Grace’s drinking problem seemed to be taking a dark turn. The writers got to a point where they had to address it, otherwise they’d run the risk of trivializing Grace’s behavior, which has gone from the occasional martini to being drunk more often than not. Frankie and Grace have both taken some hits this season, but the two women handle the healing process in very different ways, a divergence that’s makes for richer storytelling than just the surface-level details of their conflicting personalities. In “The Loophole,” Frankie lost her lube and Grace lost her chance at a romantic relationship with Phil. Frankie copes by burning her artwork on the beach and charging forward with life. Grace copes by pushing her emotions down and adding alcohol on top—a lot of alcohol.

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