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TVF Blindspot Season 1 Episode 22 Review: If Love a Rebel, Death Will Render

A major character death and major identity revealed, Blindspot Season 1 Episode 22 will leave you with your jaw on the ground. Good luck trying to close it.

The ending of Blindspot Season 1 Episode 22 had my jaw firmly on the ground. The last scenes recently have been so good, I have no idea how the season finale next week can one up them.

Let's just get to it. Mayfair is dead! I can't wrap my head around it. Why?! Her character was so complicated and interesting and added so much to the show that it's a very bold and confusing choice to kill her.

It's a shame that a strong, black, gay character was taken away from viewers. It seemed that Mayfair's death could have happened much later in season two, so having it happen in a non-season finale episode almost cheapens her death.

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alycakes791d ago

That they killed Mayfair off doesn't surprise me but that they did it so soon does