This Is What Supergirl Moving To The CW Means For Fans - TGG

Supergirl is officially greenlit for season 2 on the CW, and along with it comes the light and the darkness of Kara Danvers existence. So here´s my take on the matter (Kenay Peterson, TGG).

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Hold_It671d ago

The writing is going to become sh*t tier, as well as the acting and directing, and the show will become nothing more than a fanfiction superhero themed show ruled by tumblr SJWs making the plot bend to their every will. It was good while it lasted. RIP Supergirl

TGG_overlord671d ago

So I take it that I´m not missing out on anything then?

Hold_It670d ago

Pretty much. +respect for the JC Denton avatar.

SarcasticDuck670d ago

how's the acting will get worse? Supergirl was sh*t on CBS and CW is taking the rights of it because the series would probably be cancelled otherwise

Hold_It670d ago


Clearly you haven't seen Arrow Season 3 and 4. The acting, writing, dialogue, etc will become worse with CW acquiring it. CW is like the low tier Soap Opera channel, and everything they snatch up or create just turns into One Life To Live for 13 year olds, and the superhero themed shows are no exception to that rule. The only exception I can think of to that rule is Supernatural.

TGG_overlord670d ago

I´ll skip Supergirl for now then (and that Ghostbusters movie...). Hehe, thanks ;) His the boss.

MasterD919670d ago

I honestly gave up on these CW superhero shows after Smallville. Everything else seems to be trying too hard, especially Supergirl.

Inzo670d ago

"Everything else seems to be trying too hard"

I have never understood that statement, can you please elaborate.

vork77670d ago

The flash is really good

Inzo670d ago

I like Supergirl as well as the Flash, good clean family entertainment.

GrimDragon670d ago

Dam supergirl looks good though.