Captain America: Civil War Wins Second Weekend At Box Office, Passes $900 Million Worldwide

For the second weekend in a row, Captain America: Civil War has finished at the top of the domestic box office.

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-Foxtrot676d ago

Jesus, it's beaten Deadpool, The Jungle Book and now Batman v Superman already

RetrospectRealm676d ago

Not really shocking. It's got like 50 super heroes in itl.

-Foxtrot676d ago

Well....12 Superheroes

Still BvS was a film with Batman and Superman in a film for the first time and a film featuring Wonder Woman in her first live action gig...not to mention the trinity on screen together for the first time aswell. Cameos of Aquaman and the Flash aswell.

freshslicepizza674d ago

and foxtrot was whining about the cast selection for the new spiderman. i thought he did a great job and the movie overall was fantastic.

RetrospectRealm676d ago (Edited 676d ago )

I still don't see how that's in anyway shocking. BvS has one mediocre film to back it. Civil War had 8 years worth of films. Not to mention, word of mouth. BvS sucked and people heard about that. Civil War was great and people heard about that.

franwex674d ago

I feel this is the best marvel film yet, and the best movie I've seen this year do far.

christocolus674d ago

Wow..nice. I've already seen it twice and I'd love to see it again.