8 Game of Thrones Characters Who Won't Survive Season 6

WGTC writes: All men must die, particularly these 8 Game of Thrones characters who will almost certainly be killed off in season 6.

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aDDicteD735d ago

Cersei for sure will still survive. She has a much bigger role for sure, and I don't see Melisandre going out as well.

dota2champion735d ago (Edited 735d ago )

Why is olly and alliser on the list,, they're already dead

Aldous_Snow735d ago (Edited 735d ago )

Haven't started watching season 6 yet. Late starter and binged on season 1-5. Loved it though its slow. One thing I didnt understand from season 5 (I probably wasn't paying attention) is how that old homeless lookin guy (high sparrow?) has the authority to imprison the Queen and Cersei yet the king is powerless to stop this from happening or do anything about it? Joffery would have had his spine ripped out by now if he was still alive lol

Anyway, hope that fat annoying gimp gets it this season (I forget his name now) Jon Snows friend. And Ramsey is hilarious, but yes, he has to die horribly.

dota2champion734d ago

tommen wanted an army to rescue the Queen, but his mom suggested not to because it would had indanger the queen