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Movie Talk: Simon Kinberg Talks Fantastic Four 2 Plans


On this episode of Collider Movie Talk (May 13th, 2016) Dennis Tzeng and the panel talk 'Fantastic Four 2', original 'Space Jam' director against the sequel

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dota2champion743d ago (Edited 743d ago )

Just return fantastic 4 to marvel

-Foxtrot743d ago

Sell F4 back to Marvel and let Marvel reboot the X-Men like they are doing with Spiderman

They can keep Deadpool and make R rated X-Men films. Separate Deadpool from the Universe the X-Men films are set in currently and start a fresh.

Deadpoolio742d ago

You do realize that Sony still completely OWNS the Spider-man license, correct? Its Sony rebooting Spider-man, because Marvel was allowed input on the casting of Peter since they now have permission to use Spider-man in the MCU....Marvel NEVER had the rights to him back, Sony gains more from the deal than Marvel since they 1000% have full creative control on ALL solo Spider-man films

Aldous_Snow742d ago

After the horrific FF and the usual shit churned out by Bryan Singer in Apocalypse. Fox should be stripped of anything to do with Marvel.

NotEvenMyFinalForm742d ago

Oh great. Another stinker in the making.

donwel742d ago

These guys must be a sucker for punishment as I hear the last one flopped hard.

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