Grace And Frankie "The Road Trip" Review - AVClub

AVClub: As its title suggests, episode four of Grace And Frankie’s second season sends the ladies on a road trip. Following the trajectory of her journey of self-discovery, Frankie decides that the best way to move forward is to embrace the past. She recovers her old yearbook and introduces Grace to Frances Mangela, the woman she was long before she ever met Sol. Frankie decides the way to become a new Frankie is to return to old Frankie, to Frances, the carefree spirit who ate corndogs on top of parked cars. Of course, Frankie is over-romanticizing the past, and she’s taught that lesson in an unexpected way. Frankie’s new seize-the-day attitude leads her to convince Grace to take a road trip to find Phil Milstein, Grace’s fabled “one that got away.” The trip goes horribly, and it’s a huge slap in the face for both characters. But for all of Frankie’s talk of letting loose and embracing the freedoms of youth, “The Road Trip” is oddly restrictive at times, not really giving all its storylines enough room to breathe.

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