Bates Motel "Forever" Review - AVClub

AVClub:I’ll always remember Norma Bates at her most indefatigable. Despite her perpetual suspicion that the world was out to stick it to her and her family, Norma could rise to a challenge like few others. Remember when she first moved in to that big drafty old house? She didn’t see the cracks and the peeling paint; she saw opportunity. Norma was like that, always seeing chances where others might presume dead ends. It got her out of more than a few jams (and sure, it got her into a few, too). She gummed up the works on a public roads project. She stood up to gangsters. She kept a seemingly doomed motel afloat. And if she decided you were on her side, she was fiercely loyal. She didn’t let many people in, but when she did, she was all in. For all her flaws, she was a hell of a woman.

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