The Path "The Shore" Review - AVClub

AVClub: The dramatic events of “Refugees” loom large over “The Shore,” but rather than focus on these turns, “The Shore” uses its story shakeups to examine character. Two bottles deep, Cal brings Silas’ body out to Eddie’s hole and buries him, but he doesn’t stop there. After another bottle, he’s in Delaware, picking up Sean. It’s surprising that in the state we see him, Cal is able to think of Mary, bringing Sean back for her. He’s clearly racked with guilt over Silas, but that hasn’t washed Mary’s pain from his memory and the least he can do is try to alleviate some of the distress he’s caused. His desire to atone doesn’t extend to Sarah, however, and rather than confess and ease his burden over Silas, when Sarah puts the brakes on their hookup, Cal whispers to her of Eddie’s lies. While this could be Cal simply looking to split up Sarah and Eddie, it feels more personal than that. Sarah chose Eddie when they were young, and here she chooses Eddie again. Some part of him wants to punish her for that rejection. Cal idolizes Sarah, seeing her not as a person, but as goodness personified, the Meyerist ideal he is meant to be. He wants desperately to win her, to be worthy of something so pure, and each time that validation is denied him, he lashes out.

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