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The Big Bang Theory "The Convergence Convergence" Review - AVClub

AVClub: “The Convergence Convergence” is the ninth season finale of The Big Bang Theory, but it couldn’t feel less like a season finale. More often than not The Big Bang Theory ends its seasons by resolving some conflicts or pulling off a “big moment” to set up the following season. It’s an approach that’s used by most sitcoms, and for awhile it looked like the ninth season of this show would be no different. Last week’s episode set up the idea of Leonard and Penny holding another, unofficial wedding ceremony so that their friends and family can attend this time around. Strangely enough, “The Convergence Convergence” doesn’t get to the ceremony—it’s looking like that will be the season 10 premiere—but rather picks up where last week’s episode left off and portrays the gang getting ready for the impending ceremony.

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