The 100 "Perverse Instantiation: Part One" Review - AVClub

AVClub: About halfway through tonight’s episode of The 100—which also acts as part one of a two-part finale wrapping up next week—after saving Bellamy, Miller, Brian, and Octavia from certain death, Murphy is eager to leave Polis and get as far away as possible. When Bellamy tells him they can’t leave because Clarke is in trouble, he replies with a barb: “Clarke’s always in trouble.” It’s a joke, kind of, but there’s something in Murphy’s exhausted delivery of the line that rings true. He’s sick of getting stuck in the same situation time and time again. No matter what these people do they end up in a fight for their lives, and as much as that might be a realistic product of the violent world they live in, it doesn’t always make for great storytelling.

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