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We Know The Villain Of Justice League


If you're going to assemble the greatest superheros on your earth you're gonna need a threat to fight. So what - or who - is the threat that the Justice League will face in Justice League? Is it Darkseid, who was heavily hinted at in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? Is it an evil Superman, as also heavily hinted at in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? Or is it... a minor character who only showed up in BvS' deleted scenes?

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thorstein795d ago

Why would it be but one villain. Bring on the Legion of Doom!

gangsta_red794d ago

This is why DC should have took the marvel route and released the single member movies first and then in the first JL have all their respective villains come together for them to all fight "Civil War" style in the first JL movie.

Malice-Flare794d ago

no thank you. the Marvel route is only for Disney Marvel films. i like the DCEU the way it is...

Lord_Sloth795d ago

If I could downvote, I would. Such a sleazy tactic, using that clickbait picture.

SarcasticDuck794d ago

i'm kinda new on comics (just read Teen Titans, Batman and New Suicide Squad for now). And although i'm a big fan of DC (knowing some characters of stories i never readed, like all earth GLs), i never heard of Steppenwolf (not judging by my lack of knowledge), but shouldn't DC try to bring someone popular to try to save this franchise from Zack Snyder's mistakes?
Btw, what does this guy mean with "I hope is the last Zack Snyder film in the DC Universe."? Is that really happening?

MasterD919794d ago

Terrible choice considering that they deleted the scene he was in. Anyone who doesn't read comics regularly won't know who the hell he is. Darkseid would have been the better choice and some other Superman-based villain for the sequel like Braniac could have worked just as well. Instead, we're getting almost two of the same villains between two films?

dota2champion794d ago

Good choice! Darkseid is a huge villain that shouldn't be shown early, they already made the mistake of having doomsday as an early villain

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