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Captain America: Civil War Review | BagoGames

Captain America: Civil War does nothing to change the trajectory of the storyline or transcend the Marvel formula, but it's still (somewhat) entertaining.

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dota2champion798d ago

I enjoyed the film, but i dislike on how they weren't taking things serious at the airport fight. Only black panther was takingg it serious while everyone else was making sarcastic humour

NotEvenMyFinalForm797d ago

This movie was waaay better than BvS but it's still grossly over-hyped and overrated. I was expecting much more from it based on reviews calling it "the best superhero movie ever made" but this movie doesn't hold a candle to the likes of The Dark Knight.

goldwyncq797d ago

The Dark Knight is overrated. This movie and The Winter Solider already surpassed it.