The Good Wife "Verdict" Review - AVClub

AVClub:The Good Wife is getting quite on-the-nose with this whole final-season thing. In tonight’s “Verdict,” a crew of workmen arrive to literally tear apart the set—ahem, the firm. Apparently, they got their work orders mixed up and erroneously destroyed the conference room. The overt symbolism probably wouldn’t bother me as much if it weren’t so unbelievable that such a big mistake could be made at one of Chicago’s top law firms. But I suppose the penultimate episode of the series isn’t the right time to be so nitpicky. In a way, I’ve loved the final stretch of The Good Wife’s sense of self-awareness. It fits the overall tone of the series, which has always strived to be on top of current events and real-life political climates. Several of the best episodic storylines on the show have winked at real-life cases. Now, The Good Wife is winking at another piece of reality: its own end.

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