The Goldbergs "Smother's Day" Review - AVClub

AVClub: After experiencing virtually nothing but excruciating returns from Mother’s Day over the course of The Middle’s run, not to mention the way things apparently went down during all of those long, dark years before we started seeing the adventures of the Heck family on a weekly basis, it’s no wonder that Frankie would decide that Mother’s Day has outlived its usefulness and that she no longer wishes to celebrate it. (This is mildly disappointing to Brick, who’d actually started working on a card in advance, but he quickly destroys it, so no problem there.) Instead, Frankie admits that she’d just as soon the kids were nice to her all year round instead of just one day a year, which promptly elicits a groan from Axl, so it’s back to a complete and total lack of celebration. When Mike reminds her that her mother is going to be coming for a visit, she quickly rationalizes that her mother will be as fine with a Not Mother’s Day as she is. This, of course, is because this is Frankie’s world, and everyone else is just along for the ride.

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