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Black-ish "Super Rich Kids" Review - AVClub

AVClub: This week’s episode of Black-ish continues a conversation on wealth and class that’s been building since “Black Nanny” earlier this season. While that episode focused on the income inequality between Dre and Vivian (the aforementioned “black nanny”) and Dre’s guilt over his new found wealth, this week’s episode pivots its focus to the uneasy “newness” of that wealth. With Nat Faxon guest-starring, the show easily could’ve just focused on the laughs in this exploration of new money versus old money; instead the episode tries to take a look at the privileges, fears, and consequences associated with parenting at different income levels. In the A plot, Dre worries that Junior will outgrow him now that he’s made new, rich friends. In the B plot, Vivian convinces Rainbow to take a more stern approach with the kids before their deceitful behavior escalates to more serious crimes.

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