Empire "The Lyon Who Cried Wolf" Review - AVClub

AVClub:For a minute, for one giddy, glorious moment, I finally got it. I saw the Empire that the millions of people who tune into this show on a weekly basis have apparently been seeing when I couldn’t. The Empire faithful have a mantra: “Just relax and let the absurdity wash over you.” It’s a flawed argument, because you could make the same argument about something like, say, Steve Brule. There are different kinds of ridiculousness, different kinds of absurdity, and different ways for a television show to exist outside of the traditional ways of telling stories and conveying ideas. One man’s ridiculous trash is another man’s ridiculous treasure, and it’s possible for those two men to disagree without declaring that either one is missing the point or watching it wrong. But there’s one scene in “The Lyon Who Cried Wolf” that made me understand the impulse behind the “Keep Empire weird” sentiments, if not necessarily the logic behind them.

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