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Orphan Black "From Instinct to Rational Control" Review - AVClub

AVClub: The lives of the clones of Orphan Black are often so entertaining that it can be easy to forget how draining their existence can be. In “From Instinct to Rational Control,” the difficulty inherent in all of their lives comes to the forefront. Sarah, easily the clone most often in mortal danger, snaps at Alison, makes minimal effort to patch things up with Felix, and desperately trusts both Dizzy and Ferdinand because she’s so hell-bent on saving her own life, again. Rachel is forced to make the argument to let a little girl die, both because it might save her own life, and because she thinks it’s the only way to gain the upper hand over her sinister mother. And Alison has to relive the torture of her fertility struggles in order to get a little information for Sarah. All of them are tired of living their lives this way, constantly stuck making calculations about who to lie to, and what compromises they can accept.

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