Spoiler Alert – Captain America: Civil War

Tony Polanco from The Koalition writes:

"On this episode of Spoiler Alert! we go in-depth with a discussion on Captain America: Civil War. We break down all of the various plot threads that happened within the film, how Black Panther and Spider-Man were introduced, which side was right, and how the movie sets up the rest of Marvel's upcoming films."

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SwiffEpics745d ago

This movie was fantastic. One of my fav Marvel movies.

rbailey745d ago

Exceptional film from start to finish and definitely has me pumped for Infinity War.

Bobafret745d ago

Excellent movie, although just like in the comics, I always felt Iron Man was way out of Caps league. Even with Bucky's help Iron Man should have easily dealt with them.

Juiceid744d ago

Right, the whole iron team should have mopped the floor with captains side. But it would be a much shorter movie. Bucks body isn't bullet proof, yet no bullet ever managed to go anywhere but his arm. And when did ant mans costume become bullet proof? Vision could have just wiped them all clean. But hey, is it supposed to be realistic? Great movie though!

supes_24744d ago

I don't understand the love for this movie, is it because it's Marvel and they can do no wrong? I mean, cmon! A superhero team that has saved the world multiple times over and they begin to fight each other simply because some government agency wants them to be held in check? Oh and Tony Stark feels guilty so the entire team must agree with him or they'll divide and fight over who wants to play cop (Iron Man)? Ridiculous. Batman v superman received so much flak and was criticized by everyone's then this movie had the same plot holes or more and it becomes the best superhero movie ever. Marvel logic at its best. Why would Spider-Man take sides just because.......SPOILER ALERT.........

Iron Man talked to him first? And mess with Capt of all people to start with. Silly movie in my opinion and served no purpose what so ever in the enhancement of the Marvel universe and Thanos. Felt extremely rushed by just throwing characters in for the battle. And why have your two most powerful characters, Hulk and Thor, absent from such an important decision of this teams future? Again, dumb. I can literally go on and on but I feel I've expressed my opinion enough.