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Ben Affleck Elevates ‘Justice League’ Presence; Becomes Exec Producer


Warner Bros has made a subtle addition to the Justice League braintrust. Ben Affleck, already set to co-star in the film, has signed on to become its executive producer as well.

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StarWarsFan802d ago

The studio must be worried. I guess they have a little less faith in Zack Snyder now.

Anthotis802d ago (Edited 802d ago )

That's what happens when you rely on people who don't give a shit about or respect the source material of comics. They've finally got rid of the ultra incompetent Goyer, maybe they'll also see sense where Snyder is concerned.

Hold_It802d ago (Edited 802d ago )


Are you implying that there is only one comicbook line for Batman? I doubt you have read every Batman and Superman comicbook to make a comment such as that.

Snyder took things from Infinite Crisis, Red Son Superman, The Dark Knight Returns (Part 1, 2, and 3), The Death Of Superman, and other comics. It's not that he didn't respect the source material, it's that he combined different elements from different continuities to give his own take for this DCEU. There is no "canon" Batman or Superman. There are different lines, and you can appreciate that things are different and you can choose what you like, or you can metaphorically defecate all over anything that isn't to your liking, which is what it seems like you are doing.

Then again that's the one of the key differences between the DCEU and DMCU. DMCU (Disney Marvel Cinematic Universe) is about taking small amounts of things and core concepts from source material and making it way more accessible for everyone.

DCEU (DC Cinematic Expanded Universe) is more comicbook lore driven and rewards you more for being a big fan of the actual comics, and knowing actual source material and appreciating different continuities, which makes it more divisive for people who refuse to be open to change, and refuse to accept more than just the "mainstream" Batman, etc. I enjoy both Marvel and DC, but I'm tired of seeing comments everywhere I go about people bashing Zack Snyder or trying to put all the blame on him, and not understand that there is more than just the director in charge of a film and how the finished film turns out.

I'm tired of people like you who are so ignorant, that rather than expanding your mind and actually looking up where things in this movie came from, you just instantly dismiss it as "disrespecting the source material" because you either don't know that there are hundreds of different Batman story lines that take place within their own universes, or try to say it's disrespectful to the source material because it isn't what you wanted.

Porcelain_Chicken801d ago

Beautifully said!

Personally though, I'm glad that Ben is more involved in this one. BvS was a bit rough around the edges when it came to character development.