TVF Person of Interest Season 5 Episode 1 Review: B.S.O.D.

On Person of Interest Season 5 Episode 1, Reese, Finch and Root run from Samaritan agents as they attempt to save the Machine. Will they all survive the final season of Person of Interest?

Season 5 is sadly the final season of the show, but there’s at least some comfort knowing that the series will get a chance to finish on its own terms with a set ending. Additionally, the 13-episode run, while shorter than previous seasons, could help streamline the final chapter and keep it much more on point.

In fact, Person of Interest Season 5 Episode 1 wasted no time in picking up in the heat of battle and where Person of Interest Season 4 Episode 22 concluded, with the team scattered, on the run, and desperate to save the Machine.

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alycakes808d ago

Wow, talk about comeback! It was awesome and I just couldn't believe how they didn't skip a beat from where they ended it last season. I loved it. I can't wait to see Shaw come back.