David Tennant Reveals Which Avenger He Would Like To Control


In Marvel's Jessica Jones, which made its debut on Netflix today, David Tennant plays the show's main antagonist, The Purple Man/Kilgrave. He has the ability to control minds and wields that power with little concern for who he hurts. For him, they are all his puppets to play with. When MTV caught with the former Doctor Who star, they asked him which Avenger character he would like to control.

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WizzroSupreme969d ago

I would love to see Kilgrave wrap Iron Man and Thor around his little finger. It'd be the best seeing Tony and Thor finally confirm all that internet fan-fiction.

sonicwrecks969d ago

Who'd've thought David Tennant might be swayed by the idea of time travel. :)

Aldous_Snow968d ago

Not started watching yet. Didn't know it was set in Hells Kitchen. Daredevil/JJ crossover later down the line, perhaps?