Fox News Bashes Star Wars Again


Prepare to feel the hatred. Let the anger build and flow through you. Harness the power of the Dark Side.

Because Fox News is at it again, continuing to rail against Star Wars despite millions of fans the world over being excited for the upcoming film, after covering the topic in a baffling way once before. What's better, they make it very clear they have literally no idea what they're talking about.

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sonicwrecks854d ago

Fox News: Bafflingly railing against topics since 1996.

WizzroSupreme854d ago

Fox News ought to get out of the stone age and enjoy the 21st century. I hear it's great.

yomfweeee853d ago

So one Fox correspondent doesn't like sci-fi and the second person was just some random comedian.

Lets make a big deal out of nothing.

DillyDilly853d ago

Fox is most likely still pissed at Disney for "stealing" Star Wars from them

annoyedgamer853d ago (Edited 853d ago )

This is news how? News corespondents can have opinions too you know. Had this been CNN or MSDNC would there be an article about it? I think not.

Either way I continue to have doubts about the new film given Disney's track record and will keep my expectations low I guess I must be insane right?

HRoach616853d ago

Everyone's entitled to they're opinion. But Disney's track record? I would say it's probably the best in Hollywood. They have several of the biggest franchises in the world going and even they're "flops" make serious cash. Cars 2, planes...

level 360853d ago (Edited 853d ago )

Honestly as a "celeb-gossip-cum-so-call ed-news" I do *half-heartedly agree on the issues they were mentioning.

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