Screenrant | 'The Night Before' Review


The Night Before is exactly what viewers have come to expect from the men behind Superbad, Knocked Up, and This is the End. On it’s own terms, Levine’s film is an entertaining and thoughtful diversion. It’s a playful and heartfelt holiday film with plenty of laughs and likable actors in lead roles. Still, The Night Before prioritizes big laughs over cohesive storytelling at points, though Levine still manages to inject quality character drama throughout – and due-to some extremely R Rated bits, is not for the whole family (putting it mildly). Ultimately, The Night Before manages to be both an irreverent and sincere Christmas movie, sure to be a holiday favorite (albeit a zany one) for years to come.

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WizzroSupreme972d ago

Well, at least it looks like another decent Rogen flick. At least it's a good enough apology after The Interview.