IGN Arrow: "Brotherhood" Review

Arrow’s fourth season has been a return to form. For the most part, it’s been consistently good, with moments of greatness mixed in. But tonight’s episode showed what’s truly possible with the new status quo. “Brotherhood” wasn’t just a strong Diggle-centric episode, it was one that further showcased the menace Damien Darhk, brought Ollie’s political career back into focus, gave the flashbacks the boost they needed and even delivered some of the best fight sequences in the show’s already impressive history. It was a resounding success, in other words.

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alycakes973d ago

That was so good but I think Diggle's brother has been brainwashed and is being controlled like Thea was by Malcolm only on a permanent basis or maybe he's protecting his family and that's why he's doing it....I don't know, I just want to think the best because Diggle can't be that wrong about his brother so there has to be something else going on here.