Why Is the Most Racist Movie of All Time Considered a Masterpiece?

From Cinelinx:

It’s hard to believe that a film which advocates slavery and demeans black people could have a 100% critical rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and yet this is a fact. Since its release in 1915, The Birth of a Nation has been lauded both as a work of genius, and as the epitome of bigotry. How can it be both? Cinelinx takes a look back at the highly controversial film, The Birth of a Nation on its 100th anniversary.

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darklordzor970d ago

Personally, I think it's reverence comes more from the impact it had on the film industry. This film is the origins of modern editing as we know it, as well as camera angles and different shots. Before this, everything was done in one static long shot, without anything dynamic, and it was all laid out together. Editing was non-existent for the most part.

AHall88970d ago

The BLM loonies and the SJWs don't care about that.
They want to wipe away anything even a tiny bit against their views no matter the value it may hold.

XXXL969d ago

100% agree. I live in Chicago, don't see any protesting goin on on the west side when they're committing genocide against one another. That doesn't count I guess in the world of BLM.

Stringerbell970d ago (Edited 970d ago )

Actually its a bit refreshing to look at a film like this and see how far society has come since then. Make no mistake DW Griffith glorified slave holders, the KKK and due to an ignorance combined with pervasive racism many in the audience ate it up. Its well known that screenings of this film incited violence towards blacks throughout the US.

Once scene in particular that always sticks out for me is when a group of blacks are trying to vote and are stopped by members of the KKK who are pointing rifles at them. Griffith in the film wants the viewers to see the KKK as heroes for doing this and perhaps at the time time people did, as a modern viewer though I feel the opposite. In short, the message Griffith had to say has escaped him, most sane people arent adverse to African Americans being equal, serving in congress, voting, dating, and loving who they want.

On the other hand while the message he tried to present is severely antiquated, as darklordzor points out, his methodology and overall style of film making is what this film is remembered for and rightfully so.

And on a complete side note one could argue that the African American response to Birth of a Nation helped to galvanize the early civil right movement especially within the NAACP.