E! To End Joel McHale's Long-Running Clip Show 'The Soup'

THR: After 12 years, Joel McHale is bidding farewell to The Soup.

The news comes after a lengthy run, during which the affable actor-comedian has balanced the E! series with a busy schedule that’s included film work and several seasons on Community. In recent years, he’s also hosted both the ESPYs and the White House Correspondents Dinner, raising his profile along with questions about his future with the cable clip show.

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RetrospectRealm973d ago

I left the ! in the title because that's literally the name of the channel: "E!". I'll take it out if a mod wants me to though.

sonicwrecks972d ago

Shame to see it go, I enjoyed what I saw of it anyway. McHale will land on his feet don't worry about that.

ajax17971d ago

That sucks. Literally the only show worth watching on E! Good luck finding someone as funny as Joel.