Ben Mendelsohn Eyed For Villain Anton Arcane In 'Justice League Dark'


With Justice League Dark looking to start production next year, the DCEU's band of misfits are slowly coming together. Producer Scott Rudin is not only currently looking for a director but trying to attach actors in some key roles.

Yesterday, we learned of some the actors being considered. Colin Farrell is being eyed for John Constantine, Ron Pearlman is being eyed for Swamp Thing, Ewan McGregor is being eyed for Jason Blood, and Monica Belluci is being eyed for Madame Xanadu. The producers hope to cast a black or Latina actress for Zatana. I think Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez would be a hot choice for Zatana.

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WizzroSupreme974d ago

That's amazing if true. Ben's some quality talent. Excited to see him in Rogue One. A lot more excited to see him take a big stab at a DC movie though. He's exactly what it'd deserve.

Porcelain_Chicken974d ago (Edited 974d ago )

OOOOOH definitely! Monica Belluci and Ron Perlman would be amazing choices. Ewan McGregor as Etrigan The Demon is a pretty damn good choice too! One I hadn't thought of. Not sure how I feel about Colin Farrell as John Constantine. He's a good actor no doubt, loved him in True Detective but I'm having trouble seeing it. I have been proven wrong before so i am definitely on the fence on that choice.

"The producers hope to cast a black or Latina actress for Zatana"

Why?! :l Guess the dreams of seeing Alexandra Daddario don the top hat are ruined lol.

sonicwrecks974d ago

I think Farrell could certainly pull off Constantine, he's the kind of actor that can make you feel a bit unsettled about the character.

gangsta_red973d ago

I give props for DC giving their off brand series a chance on the big screen. But I would have loved to have seen DC's Demon Knights instead. The first two story arcs for that series were absolutely amazing.