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Sylvester Stallone doesn't get back in the ring in Creed, but he still comes away as a big winner in this far-fetched but likeable offshoot of the geriatric Rocky series, as he may be more appealing playing the aging Rocky Balboa than he's been since the beginning of his forty-year career. Essentially taking on the role of Burgess Meredith's old trainer Mickey character from the series' early days, the veteran actor delightfully registers as a paisano from the old neighborhood, a man of the streets who's lived his life, fought his battles and has no more scores to settle. From the points of view of director-co-writer Ryan Coogler and star Michael B. Jordan, this marks some major mainstreaming after their bracing 2013 breakthrough with Fruitvale Station; dramatically, it's the same old Rocky formula applied now to the hitherto unknown son of the late Apollo Creed. It worked before and, commercially, looks to work again.

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WizzroSupreme974d ago

Guess this is Michael B.'s redemption since Fantastic Four.

Stringerbell973d ago

I was a bit ehh about this but once I saw that trailer...

Lord_Sloth973d ago

I was the same way until the synopsis surfaced and it felt more like a "passing the torch" kinda deal. I was pretty excited from then on.

Stringerbell972d ago

This was my thing with the Balboa character, while I love watching Sly going blow for blow with Drago and even Hulk Hogan - I much prefer this series when it has at least one foot grounded in reality.

Its why I love Rocky Balboa so much, I just had to see if Stallone was going to stick with that gritty realism for Creed, and I'm glad he did.

sonicwrecks973d ago (Edited 973d ago )

That's great news, one of the films I've been really looking forward to.