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Dear Hollywood, Please Don't Remake Memento


Dear Hollywood,

You never cease to amaze. You really don’t. Every time some so-ridiculous-it-can’t-be-true story about a bizarre film entering development hits and we all think this is the point where things enter self-parody, another comes along to make the previous look utterly normal. A live-action remake of every single Disney animated movie directed by some director emulating Tim Burton or Tim Burton? Nah, we can top that, how about an emoji movie? Not totally unwanted? Then what about a Die Hard prequel, subtitled Year One because even non-Batman movies can’t get over that comic?

And it’s happened again. Only this time it’s the biggie. The one that finally convinces me I’ve accidentally passed over into a world where some pre-eminent cinematic power wasn’t born and the whole world’s become Pottersville. The glitch that reveals my entire reality is a computer simulation. Or, perhaps most aptly, the traumatic event that makes me want to forget everything and live an empty life based on a lie. You finally, really did it Hollywood – you’re remaking Memento.

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WizzroSupreme970d ago

Memento could totally get a new take if they fixed that awful ending.