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Examining Hollywood Remakes: The Wicker Man

From Cinelinx:

Hollywood is remake crazy these days, so Cinelinx is taking a look at what makes a good remake and what makes a bad one. We'll be examining examples of some cinematic remakes; some that work and some that don’t. In the second in our series articles, we look at a remake that definitely did NOT work...The Wicker Man (2006)!

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darklordzor973d ago

Never saw this, and having read this article, incredibly glad I didn't waste the time.

Stringerbell972d ago

Oh man you're missing out! This is one of those its so bad its good movies!

barb_wire971d ago

You have to see it. It has one of the nuttiest Nicholas Cage crazed performances for the ages.. and a bear knocking out a woman. Bat chit insane stuff.

ZaWarudo971d ago


lol Nic, u so cray cray.

sonicwrecks970d ago

It's almost an entirely different film.

(Incidentally if you get a chance listen to the sountrack to the original, it is the most ridiculously twisted thing.)