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Top 10 James Bond Villains

From Cinelinx:

A good Bond villain does not always make for a great Bond film, but it doesn’t hurt. It’s common knowledge that a film with good conflict will be more engaging to watch, and the conflict between the protagonist and antagonist is the driving factor of the James Bond franchise. Therefore, along with one of the most well-known and legendary protagonists of all time, the franchise is also home to some of the most well-known and legendary antagonists as well. This is a list that honors the best antagonists in the Bond franchise. They’re the ones that are the most creative, memorable, or relentless, all characteristics which help make their respected films that much better. They’re the ones that left the biggest impact on audiences and the franchise as a whole.

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Stringerbell974d ago

I know I am in the extreme extreme minority but I liked Walken in 'A View to a Kill.' Not top ten villainous material but I had fun with that movie.

sonicwrecks971d ago

Then count me in said minority too for the same reasons. It was certainly a fun film and one of the most 'watchable' of that era for me.