Ridley Scott Says 'Alien: Paradise Lost' Will Now Be Called ‘Alien: Covenant’

IW: Last night at the AFI Film Festival, Ridley Scott sat down with Scott Foundas for an hour-long conversation spanning Scott’s entire career (you can read about it in detail here). And, of course, you can’t have a career-spanning conversation with Ridley Scott without touching upon “Alien,” his 1979 sci-fi horror and sophomore effort that minted his career and launched a massive Hollywood franchise.

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-Foxtrot921d ago

Or why don't you just call it Prometheus 2: Covenant

RetrospectRealm921d ago (Edited 921d ago )

Because this is the Alien series.

Edit: So is Prometheus.

-Foxtrot921d ago

But it's a Prometheus sequel...not an Alien one

RetrospectRealm921d ago

It's an Alien prequel too. Lol

-Foxtrot921d ago (Edited 921d ago )

Yeah I know but it was a nice way to keep them separate

Ripley - Alien

Shaw - Prometheus

Now after one film it's like "Oh yeah it's a total full on Alien prequel now". Prometheus is going to be the black sheep in terms of titles

Best thing to do is re-release Prometheus and give it a name change to Alien: Prometheus with some new footage they could put in here and there to actually, fully link it to Alien.

phallusitator920d ago

@ Fox,

It was already fully linked. The end of the movie shows the birth of the original alien and the spaceship is the same one that gives the sos in the original alien movie.

RetrospectRealm921d ago

Is that really a bad thing? By that logic, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly is the black sheep of the Dollars trilogy. Nobody really cares.

DarkOcelet920d ago (Edited 920d ago )

Wasnt there an Alien film in the making by Neil Blomkamp?

Its weird to call both films Alien when they could have simply called it Prometheus 2.

coolbeans921d ago

Because he and everyone else on board would want to distance themselves from that jumbled up mess.

920d ago
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Aldous_Snow921d ago (Edited 921d ago )

I thought this was supposed to be "Alien 5" so to speak, with Ripley and Hicks??. So how can it be a sequel to Prometheus?

Or am I confused with another one?

aPerson921d ago

Alien 5 has been put on hold.

DillyDilly921d ago

Screw Ridley Scott for delaying the real Alien sequel. I'd have been happy with both. But since we wont get both. As I imagine if Covenant fails the Alien sequel wont get made

deadpoolio316920d ago

Yes Im sure that Scott with his ZERO power and ZERO say over the Alien franchise told Fox to put it on hold and they just said oh ok.....It certainly couldn't be that the overrated writer turned in a turd script and Fox decided to put it on hold until a more competent writer could fix the script....Neill Blomkamp ain't anything special

annoyedgamer920d ago

lol still playing that card? Prometheus is an Alien soft reboot and you know it.

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